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    My Dearest Parish Family,

    God be with us always.

    I am writing to introduce the message from Kanoe-Claire Martin who is responding to our appeal to "Reaching Out-Loving our Neighbor." We have spoken about it several times in our Santiago Speak every Wednesday. May it be a start of people stepping up to be there for others. As I also mentioned before our St. Vincent de Paul President Paul Mondello volunteered to be the repository of people willing to volunteer to help those in need with their particular skill or ability. Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity of heart. God bless and take care.

    Love and prayers,

    Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval


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    SVDP/Reaching Out Hotline (949) 460-4220

LETTER from fr. thomas



October 9, 2022


Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always. The Gospel’s main message on the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time is about gratitude. I would like to start this letter recognizing manifestations of stewardship because of the spirit of discipleship of our parish family.


Our St. Vincent de Paul Conference received a largess of a donation to aid the needy who come into our parish for help. Truth be told this is the largest collection entrusted to the stewardship of our SVdP Conference. It is comforting that even in difficult times we can be generous to make sure we can keep this ministry vibrant.


Women’s Circle members served at the two tables where our parishioners got the stickers to write their names for our “NameTag Weekend.” Theresa and her daughters were the initial volunteers using the stickers their family provided – for these we are grateful. “NameTag Sunday” will be our parish family event every First weekend of the month. This way we sustain our efforts to deepen our bond as a parish.


We have had the Blessing of Animals for this past Saturday after the 8:00 am Masses. It is such a joyous event to see the care and connection between the pets and their families. Some of the animals even interacted with one another, although the feistier ones were kept at a distance by their families.


Last Saturday, we had our Mass with Anointing of the Sick which is our sincere attempt to provide comfort and care for our parishioners who are challenged by their health issues and ailments. Our Emmanuel Ministry also meets during this time where they provide a safe space for people to gather, share and be heard. Aside from this, they will be ministering to those who might need a visit at their homes for companionship or prayer. Let us pray for this growing ministry led by Merly and Edith that there will be more interested to be ministers of care, comfort, and presence.


Last Wednesday, we had our first presentation for #faithrefresh an Evangelization effort coordinated by our Faith Formation Coordinators. We are grateful to Deacon Dan Diesel for accepting the invitation to be first among our speakers. We will be having these events on a Wednesday evening every month at 6:30 in the evening. An opportunity for all to attend.


Next weekend aside from the opportunity to bring our food donations to South County Outreach, we can pray for the efforts to defeat Prop #1 and the advocacy for Respect for Life in all it stages especially the Unborn. St. Gerard Majella the patron of safe pregnancy and childbirth will be having his Feast Day on October 16th. In recognition of Respect for Life Month, his relic will be in exposition for veneration in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel for three days: October 14th to October 16th. Let us take this opportunity to pray for all mothers especially those who are challenged in their pregnancy and circumstance of conception.


Let us all keep on praying that the Holy Spirit will give us the grace of gratitude that will guide our intentions to be authentic steward-disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. May our stewardship always come from hearts recognizing that all we have are gifts from our Loving Father. God bless, take care and be safe.


Love and prayers,

Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval