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Santiago de compostela current events

Thoughts from fr. thomas



October 25, 2020


Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always. May you have a blessed week ahead of you.


“All you need is Love.” Pardon me if I begin this letter with the title of a song by the Beatles. It is just this is the first thing that came to my mind as I reflected on the message of the Gospel this Sunday. All you have to remember our Lord Jesus is telling us in very clear words are two things “Love of God and Love of Neighbor.” Everything else flows from these essential principles of our life as disciples of our Lord Jesus.


Love is the eternal bond we have with our Loving God and He affirmed this covenant-bond through the sacrifice of His Son for our redemption. Christ our Lord manifested nothing else but the generous and compassionate love of the Father to the very end. Even the words our Risen Lord first spoke when he met the disciples hunkered down in fear was “peace out love and forgiveness.”


In the coming weeks we shall have opportunities to show this love for our neighbor by caring for the poor and those who need to experience the comforting power of love. First, will be our Annual Mass of Remembrance which for this year due to the circumstances we are having two celebrations to accommodate the bereaved families of our dearly departed. It will be on November 1st at 10:15 & 12:00 pm letters have been sent to the families who have lost a loved one from November 2019 to the present.


We are however, installing an Altar of Remembrance where we can display small framed pictures of our dearly departed at every Mass. These tokens shall be blessed and incensed at each Mass during the coming weekend. I encourage you to bring these photo mementos of your loved ones. Please make you label them at the back with your contact info in case they get misplaced.


Second, we are partnering with the Knights of Columbus and the South County Outreach to collect non-perishable food items or                    donations to help families in need especially during the coming Holiday season. There will be a poster or a flyer of the essential and suggested items that will really be helpful to those in need of assistance to prepare meals for their family. Barrels will again be strategically placed in our Church campus. I only humbly request one thing that we give from a loving heart and consider what we place in the receptacles.


Another charity event that the Knights are planning will be a contact less drive-through campaign through dropping-off donations. The mechanics will be similar to when people drop-off their recycling. Details of the date and time we will have this will be communicated to you.


Third, another way you can also share your love for your neighbor is to be involved in the faith formation of our children and youth. We are in need of volunteers as Catechists or Teacher-Aide for our Faith Formation              Program. Kindly contact Lyanamar for more information about this ministry and service.


These are great opportunities for manifesting our love for God through a meaningful and relevant service and ministry to those whose lives will be blessed by our gifts of stewardship. Have no fear for all you need is “Love of God” because perfect love (which is God’s) casts out all fears. God bless and take care.


Love and prayers,


Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval