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    My Dearest Parish Family,

    God be with us always.

    I am writing to introduce the message from Kanoe-Claire Martin who is responding to our appeal to "Reaching Out-Loving our Neighbor." We have spoken about it several times in our Santiago Speak every Wednesday. May it be a start of people stepping up to be there for others. As I also mentioned before our St. Vincent de Paul President Paul Mondello volunteered to be the repository of people willing to volunteer to help those in need with their particular skill or ability. Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity of heart. God bless and take care.

    Love and prayers,

    Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval


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    SVDP/Reaching Out Hotline (949) 460-4220

LETTER from fr. thomas




August 21, 2022


Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always.


By the time, you read this, it will already be my third day in the Philippines. I left last August 17th after the 6:00 am Mass. Travel time is more than 18 hours if you count the layover. This is my first trip home after the rush to get back stateside last March 6th at the beginning of the Pandemic otherwise I would have been locked down in the Philippines.


It is a time for me to reconnect with people who have been a great part of my life’s journey especially as a priest. One the compelling reasons is the 80th birthday of one of my Spiritual Mothers – Mom Hedy Luis. She is the architect who has designed Pro-bono all the structures in our Religious Community of the Alagad ni Maria in the Philippines. I have lost a lot of people who are significant to my priesthood to Covid-19 and this is an opportune time for me to visit them even if it is only to pray at their graveside. I will be back on August 26th to be with our parish family.


In the meantime, allow me to express my gratitude to all who cooperated and shared to support South County Outreach monthly collection of non-perishable food items. Before that I would like to recognize the gift of prayers and sacrifices offered last Wednesday when we had our monthly overnight Adoration for Respect Life in all stages especially the Unborn. Those who took time really make a difference through the prayers they offer because there are more battles to be won in our intention to promote the gift and dignity of human life.


We still have the remaining weeks of August to continue our preparations for our Faith Formation Programs. More volunteers are needed to help supply the human resource to prepare our youth to receive a meaningful and relevant formation to the reception of the sacrament.


Jesus invites us to enter through the narrow gate – I would like to believe that volunteering to help and serve in our pastoral, liturgical and catechetical ministries is a way of entering thru the narrow gate to serve. Truly, that one can give one’s time, talent, treasure, and faith to volunteer – thru this commitment, one becomes an authentic Christian disciple-steward.


May I humbly implore that you pray and discern if you can consider volunteering to help conduct our Children’s Liturgy of the Word every Sunday. This will be a good way to facilitate a better understanding of the faith to our young kids and provide its relevance in their lives. We really need people to step up to be there for the future of our Church. I am praying that there will be a very positive response to our call for help. God bless, take care and be safe.


Love and prayers, 

Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval