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    My Dearest Parish Family,

    God be with us always.

    I am writing to introduce the message from Kanoe-Claire Martin who is responding to our appeal to "Reaching Out-Loving our Neighbor." We have spoken about it several times in our Santiago Speak every Wednesday. May it be a start of people stepping up to be there for others. As I also mentioned before our St. Vincent de Paul President Paul Mondello volunteered to be the repository of people willing to volunteer to help those in need with their particular skill or ability. Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity of heart. God bless and take care.

    Love and prayers,

    Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval


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    SVDP/Reaching Out Hotline (949) 460-4220

LETTER from fr. thomas



February 5, 2023


Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always. Greetings to our Scouts who are celebrating the Sunday dedicated to their service to our Parish Family. We recognize how willing they are to help in our Parish activities. Many of their Eagle Scout Projects have improved our Parish Campus and provided places where people can pray for the intercession of the Saints. They are serving at the 10:15 Mass where they annually also thank God for Blessing their Troop in their activities.


You must have observed that we have ceased sanitizing after a person receives Communion on the mouth. The Liturgy Committee recommended, and I have agreed that we conform with how majority if not all the Parishes in our Diocese no longer sanitize as much as we have done in the past months. We trust the protection of our Loving Savior Jesus fully present in the Sacred Host.


You will watch the video of the 2023 PSA Appeal which simply direct your attention to the PSA Mailing we have sent and hopefully you received. If you have not received any – we will have PSA Brochures and “Let Us Dream” brochures available in the Church vestibule and the Parish Office. You may submit your donation and pledges  using the QR Code, by offering them at Mass during the offertory or submitting them to the Parish Office. Allow me to express gratitude for your affirmative and generous response.


Thank you for your consistent support for our St. Vincent de Paul Conference. With your financial assistance they will be able to give the families and individuals in need the help that will offer them relief from their difficult situations.


Our VITA Ministry that provides income tax filing assistance to those who fall into the economic bracket that they serve will begin next week. However, the details of the dates and times when they will be present in the Parish Hall as well as the details on how to book an appointment will be published in the Bulletin.


Our Knights of Columbus had the Exemplification for more than 10 new recruits or brother knights as they will be called from now on. You know very well how much their service and dedicated             ministry mean to our Parish Family. There is not a Parish Ministry that does not have a Brother-Knight involved in it. Kudos to    Ricardo who was present at the Masses the past weekend to encourage men to enlist in the Knight and make sure they fill up the forms.


Kindly pray for a group of pilgrims who left last Tuesday for Holy Land Pilgrimage. Hopefully we will have a safe and                memorable two weeks in Jordan, Israel and Egypt. We will as always in every pilgrimage remember to lift up in prayer our Parish Family in the Masses we intend to celebrate every day from the 1st to the 12th of February. We will be travelling early on the 13th arriving late afternoon the same day in California. I miss you all. God bless, take care & be safe.


Love and prayers,


Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval