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Santiago de compostela current events

Thoughts from fr. thomas


May 24, 2020


Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always. Happy Feast Day of the Ascension of the Lord!


During the homily at Mass last Monday, I mentioned that it would appear that Jesus’ departure to come home to the Father in God’s Kingdom – our true home in Heaven is an abandonment of His     disciples. However, our Lord Jesus made it clear that He is leaving to come home to our Loving Father so he can send us the Holy Spirit.


One of the names by which our Risen Lord described the Holy Spirit is the word Advocate – our Lord Jesus meant that the Spirit He is sending will give his disciples all the help that they will need to evangelize and to go out to all the world, tell the Good News and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


There is no denying that living in the world with this pandemic crisis is difficult and hard but for us who have been given the gift of faith, hope and love through the Good News and baptism – we have been given the Advocate, the Paraclete . . . the Holy Spirit. Personally, I believe that the Holy Spirit has been the reason I have been able to be there for our parish family and the inspiration to find many ways and means for us to continue being a community of believers.


I also believe that our parish family has been beneficiaries from the “advocacy of the Holy Spirit” providing us the graces needed so that the mission to be witnesses to faith and hope continues. Our Parish Family have had many events that has brought us closer even in the midst of stay at home order, isolation and social distancing. From my vantage point of view, I see us being more engaged in our faith life and anticipating ways and means to experience our connection and relationship with God our Loving Father.


I have seen how our parishioners have stepped up to volunteer and make sacrifices for our parish faith and spiritual life to continue in an altogether creative and different manner. Our parish have become enriched by these new experiences and encouraged that each one is capable to reach deep into their faith and hearts. Our St. Vincent de Paul continues to assist people in need because people are charitable. There are many more but not enough space to enumerate everything however I know God sees all these loving actions.


As we celebrate the Feast of the Ascension of our Lord Jesus may it be empowerment that is instilled in our minds, hearts and spirits because of the Spirit of Faith, Hope and Love that is within each one of us. God bless and take extra care to be safe.


Love and prayers,   


Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval