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Santiago de compostela current events

Thoughts from fr. thomas



September  20, 2020


Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always. A Blessed Weekend to you all.


The Graciousness of our Loving Father has been on full display for the past two weeks in the Gospel we read and reflect upon in our Eucharist during the Lord’s Day. Today it is about how God always takes the initiative for us to experience His Love and Presence in our lives. The problem is we do not pay attention at times or worse we ignore Him and have become indifferent by our lack of faith. We rationalize, find ways to explain away life without being humble enough to be open and sensitive to God’s presence in our lives. Our sense of entitlement gets also prevents us from appreciating the graces we receive because we focus our eyes on what is on the “other side of the fence.” If we are real and have true faith, God lovingly goes out of His way to invite us to an encounter with Him and the blessings bestowed 


These past weeks our parish family have been asked to help out in different ways – to help fund our “Reaching Out” efforts to those in need in our Parish through the SVdP (Saint Vincent de Paul) and also through the collection for the Christian Families struggling in the Holy Land. This was a  retroactive 2nd Collection that was scheduled for last Good Friday. In both collections we experienced your generosity and on behalf of those who will be assisted let me express sincere gratitude. If ever you are aware of someone who is in need of assistance to please approach our “Reaching Out – St. Vincent de Paul.”


In these challenging times we have also experienced the gift of stewardship from all our parish members who have stepped up to the demands of our difficult situation. We have around 26 people who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation and even First Communion this weekend. Kindly do extend your warm welcome to them and invitation to take part in our parish life, events and ministry.


We had an opportunity to come together in a special way during our monthly Over Night Adoration for our Respect for Life Ministry when we had a Visit from the Silver Rose of the Knights of Columbus. It is a Pilgrimage of a symbolic Silver Rose offered to Our Lady of Guadalupe for her intercession and to bring people together to pray for an end to abortion. Thank you for all the kind hearts led by the Knights of Columbus, our Respect for Life Ministry, our Hospitality Ministry, the Apostles of Divine Mercy, Our Lady of Peace Rosary Group and many more groups.


Last Friday we began having the Eucharist inside the Church for only the 6:00 am Livestream and “In-Person” celebrated from Monday to Sunday. We have also made  available the Blessed Sacrament Chapel for all those who wish to have a moment of prayer and even to light a candle for one’s departed loved one or intention. Please do observe the required procedures to keep each other safe and sanitize the place we used during your visit. May the Holy Moments made possible by the opportunity to pray in His Presence in our sacred space in the Church make us aware of the graciousness of God’s unconditional love. God bless and take care.


Love and prayers,


Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval