CAMINO DE Santiago

Camino 2024: An Eighth-Year Tradition

With this year’s theme: "Come and be Blessed!/ ¡Vengan y serán bendecidos!", on July 27th, coinciding with the feast of Santiago de Compostela (Saint James the Great), we will be celebrating the annual CAMINO 2024, marking its eighth year of bringing our community together in joyous fellowship.

This cherished event kicks off with a walk where participants will embark on a 7-mile or 4-mile journey inspired by the famous Camino de Santiago in Spain. As we walk, we will reflect on the Beatitudes, their message, and their reflection in our lives, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose among all who participate.

Following the walk, the festivities continue with a Special Mass and a vibrant gathering at the Pavilion. The event is not just about honoring our patron saint but also about celebrating the bonds that hold our community together. With live music, games for children, and plenty of opportunities to socialize, the CAMINO 2024 celebration is a highlight of our community calendar, bringing joy and a deep sense of connection to all who attend.

Last year,  we started a new route in our annual CAMINO:  the “CAMINO for Families with Young Children”.  This new route, that take place outdoors, in the natural and welcoming environment of one of the parks in our city of Lake Forest, Rimgate Park, offers children and their families activities, crafts, and reflections based on the main theme of the CAMINO, but all adapted so that children can receive a message appropriate to their age and at the same time participate with their parents in this beautiful experience.


If you do not wish to walk long distances but still want to participate in the experience and reflections, we also have a suitable option for you: our MINI-CAMINO or Prayer Warriors CAMINO. Here, instead of making the long walks, you can participate in all the meditations and activities in one place, without the physical effort of walking. This Mini Camino will be at Rimgate Park.