mission statement: child and youth protection

The Office of Child and youth Protections supports the Bishop's commitment to create a safe environment throughout our parishes and schools so that children and youth are free to worship and learn without the threat of harm through the implementation of safeguards which protect the most vulnerable and aids in healing those who have been harmed int he past.

what we provide

  • Safe Environment training for all adults who work or volunteer with children and youth including clergy, as well as Safe Environment training for children.
  • Background screening and fingerprinting services for all priests, deacons, educators and all other adults working with children and youth in parishes and schools.
  • Training and support for parish and school sites in maintaining accurate records of fingerprinting and background screening and safe environment training.
  • Training and support for parish and school on-site Safe Environment trainers.

RCBO Child and Youth Protection

reporting abuse

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse by clergy or a church representative, please call the

Diocesan Toll Free Reporting Line, 1-800-364-3064.


                                                                                 HOW TO REPORT

child abuse prevention month

The Diocese of Orange continues helping survivors of  sexual abuse and their families. As we begin April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, the Diocese wants to reiterate that it remains committed to helping survivors, and their families, heal and find peace. If you believe that you, or someone you know, is a victim of         sexual abuse by a Church employee, volunteer, or clergy member, please contact the Diocesan Assistance Ministry Coordinator at (800) 364-3064 for help and support.



The Diocese of Orange has codes of conduct for all adults who work or volunteer around minors. Reading and following the code in all situations creates a culture of protection and keeps our children safer. 

The best way to protect our children and our church is for adults to learn red flag behaviors and to report concerns to supervisors. This creates a culture of protection. Sign up for a safe environment training even if you are not required. 

The Diocese of Orange has policies and procedures to create a safe environment and protect children. These include annual safety training for children and youth, fingerprinting and background checks of all adults working with children and youth as well as required Child Abuse training for adults.  Read the policies and learn how you can help create a culture of protection.

parish staff and volunteers

Following our Diocesan Policies, all of our Parish Staff and Volunteers must complete this course to be active members of any Parish in Diocese of Orange.

Safe Environment Training

Diocese of Orange Fingerprint Locations

Any questions, contact our Safe Environment Custodian, Shirley Burgos 949-951-8599.