pastoral council

The Pastoral Council assists the pastor as a consultative body to facilitate long-range planning that includes the development of vision statements and goals that flow from the parish mission statement. It exists to aid the aposotlate or mission of the pastor in his work of leading the parish by helping it plan for its future.  The Pastor consults the parish parish pastoral council, asking it "to investigate and consider matters relating to pastoral  activity and to formulate practical conclusions concerning them" (Vatican II, Decree on Bishops, 27).
Generally, members of the Council are well known in the community and have served in leadership roles. Members are open to the input of other parishioners while also striving to communicate pastoral priorities to all. Council members maintain a parish ‘suggestion box’ in the church vestibule to facilitate communication.

finance council

The pastor, grateful for the resources entrusted to the parish, is helped in his administration of the temporal goods of the parish by staff and a Finance Council. The transparency and internal controls, checks and balances, professional advice and prayerful discernment that are so much a part of our daily management of the temporal goods of the parish find expression in the annual report.

liturgy committee

The primary role of the liturgy committee is to focus on the full range of the parish's liturgical life and to represent the consensus of the community in matters related to that liturgical life. It has a mandate to ensure that celebrations are planned in such a way that they lead to a conscious, active and full participation of the faithful both in body and in mind, as demanded by the very nature of the celebration, and to which the Christian people have a right and duty by reason of their Baptism.