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Happy Thanksgiving!

Mass will be celebrated at 8am on Thursday, November 26. Join us as we celebrate our American heritage, recognizing we are one country and one Church. All are invited and encouraged to wear the clothing of your native culture to this special liturgy. You may also bring wine or bread for a blessing.
     Parish Offices will close at 12pm Wednesday, November 25th, and re-open Sunday, November 29th at 9am, in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday. God’s Abundant Blessings to you and your family.

2015 Mission Cooperative Appeal November 7th and 8th

The Missions Office at the Diocese of Orange has invited Rev. M. S. Selva Raj from the Diocese of Kumbakonam, India to share with us the needs of the people in their community. Sixty percent of their Catholics are depressingly poor. Our fervent prayers and generous help are earnestly requested for building the Kingdom of God, in and through the Diocese of Kumbakonam, India. Please help make Fr. Selva feel welcome.

“God could never be outdone in generosity.”

Last Sunday, my priest-friend, Fr.Miguel called me seven times; missed calls that made me feel anxious because of the urgency that it might be an emergency. After the three Masses while waiting for lunch to be served, I was able to reach Fr. Miguel and was the recipient of good news, a wonderful and touching gesture of a kind and generous person. Fr. Miguel told me how he shared our Parish Family’s experience of having part of our Sunday Offertory stolen in August . . . the full context of which I was not told, nor did I ask.

The Parish Report 2014-2015

For the Parish Report for 2014-2015, please click here, and scroll to the bottom of the Finance page for the PDF reports.