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Children's Choir by Vanessa Brockman

We will be having our first Children’s Choir rehearsal on Wednesday, September 24th, from 6pm to 7pm in the parish hall. Children must be of reading age. We are looking for joyful voices, no try outs necessary. For any questions, please call Vanessa Brockman in the Music Ministry Office at 458-1440. We hope to see many of your children there.

Thoughts From the Chairman of Your Pastoral Council by Dave Owens

If you attended Mass at SDC last weekend, and if you stayed for the “final blessing” you were entertained (via a video) by Fr. Thomas donning a hard hat, braving a soon-to-be construction zone as he offered a challenge: “if we build it, they will come”. Yes, we can build it, we must build it, our patio cover is in dire need of repair/replacement.
    The vision of the new hard-roof cover, along with an upgraded patio kitchen and
furniture, will enhance our ability to offer a welcoming and functional place for our parish community to congregate and recreate.
    But, this vision requires our

Faith Encounters Presents: New Evangelization by Tom Haas

Pope Francis has called all Catholics to New Evangelization.
•    What is New Evangelization?
•    What does it mean?
•    How are everyday Catholics to respond?
•    What if I don’t know the answer?
Join us Friday, September 19 at 7:00pm in the Parish Hall.
Bill Stegall will address these issues and more.

Welcome to Santiago de Compostela

26 August 2014
Dearest Parish Family,
God be with us always
Last Weekend, probably on your way into the Church and coming out after of the Mass, you saw the white tent with a sign that says Welcome and Santiago de Compostela. This not the booth where people invite and attract you so that they may get something out of you it is however what the name says it is: “A Welcome Tent” - not to ask you for something but to ask what we may ask what can we do for you?