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The Gift of Divine Love

Rev. John Shetler, Our Founding Pastor.

Fr. Thomas "Selfie" at Backyard Theology

Dearest Parish Family,
God be with us always
Thank you God for your Divine Love. These were the words that I silently whispered in my heart when I realized that Fr. John Shetler passed from this life to the next, as I was visiting him at the Lake Forest Nursing Facility on July 22, 2014. The night before, I gave a talk on the topic Liturgy the Dialogue of Love for our Backyard Theology. As I was praying the Commendation of the Dying Prayers I felt the reality of such a Dialogue.

Saint James, the Patron of Our Parish

We celebrate his memorial this Thursday, July 25th. The Spanish, Santiago de Compostela, links Saint James with a place in northern Spain. What we know of St. James can be found in scripture but his connection to Compostela is something of tradition and legend.
    James is one of the first to follow Jesus. The Gospels record that James and John were with their father, a Galilean fisherman named Zebedee, by the seashore when Jesus called them to discipleship (Mtt.4:21-22, Mk.

Thoughts From the Chair of Your Pastoral Council by Dave Owens

Pictured above, standing left to right: David Atkins, Beatrice Micalizio, Fr. Greg, Matthew Feldman. Seated left to right: Fr. Thomas, Dave Owens, Maloy Dadivas, Delfina Hernandez.

Can you sense the momentum growing each time you visit the Santiago de Compostela campus? Can you feel the renewed energy within every ministry? If your answer is NO, then you may need to sharpen your “situational awareness” skills. How wonderful it is to experience the welcoming inertia that Father Thomas brings to each gathering before every Mass.

Dear Parish Family: by Rev. Greg Márquez

My name is Gregory P. Márquez, although I prefer to simply be called Father Greg. Since July 1, 2014, I am the new parochial vicar of this (our) parish of Santiago de Compostela. It is a great pleasure for me to be here with all of you. I generally prefer to not talk so much about myself, but since I am new to this place, I know that some may want to know a little bit about me, perhaps specifically about my past, and how and when my vocation to the priesthood came about.
    My past: I was born in Los Angeles County, CA, and we lived in the city of South Gate.

July 4th Holiday

Holiday Mass time is 8am.

Come out and support Santiago at the Lake Forest Parade!

Parish Offices are closed Friday, reopening on Sunday, July 6 at 9am.