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The Message of Divine Mercy

12 April 2015
My Dearest Parish Family,
God be with us always.
Happy Easter! Alleluia!
I have always wondered why Mary Magdalene was chosen to be one of the primary messengers of the Good News that Christ is Risen! Jesus is Alive! The only answer that makes sense to me is because of Divine Mercy and Love. The Divine Mercy and Compassion that saved Magdalene, restored her dignity and gave her a reason to hope. Her response of tremendous love and commitment went beyond that of the apostles when she accompanied Mother Mary at the foot of the Cross.
    She also braved the early dawn of

Holiday Office Hours

Parish Office Holiday Hours for Holy Week:

Thrusday, April 2 office closes at 12pm.

Office reopens Tuesday, April 7 at 9am.

We wish you all a Blessed Triduum and Easter.