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Pray, Hope and Do Not Worry


23 September 2015
My Dearest Parish Family,

God be with us always.

Today at Mass we celebrated the Memorial of St. Padre Pio, a saint of our times. One of his more known quotes is: “Pray, hope and do not worry.” He is one of the saints I have a devotion with, and in my prayers I often repeat those words when I find myself challenged in my life as a priest.
    I repeat this prayer again as I make an appeal for all of us who consider Santiago de Compostela our Parish Home and Family; to participate wholeheartedly in our coming Parish “Octoberfiesta” this coming October 2-4, 2015.

Prayer for the World Meeting of Families

Lord God, by the creation
of the first Eve and her spouse,
you made marriage and the family
the foundation of all human community.


By the birth of your Son, Jesus,
to the new Eve, Mary, our mother,
and her most chaste spouse, Joseph,
you radically altered human history.
Through this Holy Family you made
a path for our salvation.


Strengthen the families of this world
and impart to them the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
May the upcoming World Meeting of Families
with the Holy Father serve to give you glory,
and bring strength and fortitude to families,
who are being assaulted by evil from every

Be Strong, Fear Not!

2 September 2015
My Dearest Parish Family,
God be with us always.

I was going through Facebook when I came across this post: “We travel not to escape from Life, but for Life not to escape us.” It jumped out at me because this week I am traveling to the Philippines. I was feeling guilty about leaving because of our recent robbery experience.